Root 2 Music draws from Celtic music and Deep South Country Blues.  Root 2 Music features fiddle, guitar, harmony vocals, percussion plus additional miscellaneous instruments.  David Frank and Nancy Reid began Root 2 Music over 15 years ago.  Nancy’s sister, Mary Beth Young Coffee, of the successful Celtic group “Beggar’s Circus”, sometimes plays in Root 2 Music.  The group's many musical friends may also join in.  Root 2 Music has won recognition at the Appalachian String Band Festival (Clifftop) and at the International Blues Challenge (Beale Street, Memphis) and is well known along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia for fun and music. 

In mathematical terms, Root 2 cannot be expressed as the ratio of two integers.  Irrational? Yes!  Nondeterministic? Perhaps, but always a pleasant surprise.

Random Unannounced Performances

You may find us at the Porter Mountain Overlook, mile marker 90 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  You may find us on the porch at the Peaks of Otter Lodge near mile 85 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Face to Face Crowd Funding

Support Local Music.  You can help Root 2 Music's projects by showing up and introducing yourself to the an important member of our enterprise.  His name is Phillip, the bucket.

Clifftop Neo-Trad Finals! Again in 2022! 

Clifftop WV:  Lon Reid (bass) joined Nancy and David to form a Root2 Music trio for the annual Appalachian String Band Festival Neo-Traditional contest.  The band made it to the finals . . .again!.  The judges selected Root 2 Music…

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