Nancy Reid (fiddle, vocals) and David "Alabama" Frank formed the duo Root 2 Music to find out what music happens when Celtic fiddle runs into Delta slide guitar way back up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

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LA Times article still making us famous

See the LA Times travel article that features (uh, mentions) us in text and video.
We have been and will be playing alot during the week at Peaks of Otter Lodge, as well as our regular Saturday evening performance.  Last night some nice folks asked if we were "Nancy and David" (Yes!) because they had just read a article in their local Austin TX newspaper.  LA Times strikes again! 

Fun filled days

Root2 Music performed at the Appalachian String Band Festival in Clifftop WV and still made it home in time to appear at the Peaks of Otter Lodge near Bedford VA Saturday night.

More Root2 Music

Root2 Music plus Lon Reid (bass) and Dennis McKim (mandolin/guitar) played for the annual Bedford County Hunt Club Bar-B-Que.  We had a nice shady spot and enjoyed providing music for the foxhunters and friends.  This was our first gig 12 years ago.  We look forward to it.  The food was delicious.  Thank you, BCHC!

Great first night on Beale Street for Root2 Music

Our first night's set went very well.  We have many to thank:
  • King's Palace Cafe for the venue and for getting us hot gumbo from the kitchen after closing
  • Venue Coordinator "Chuck'
  • Memphis Sound - it is not so easy to get our sound right and you did!
  • Blues Foundation - judges were smiling.  We hope that's a good sign.
  • Fellow IBC musicians - we support each other.
  • Lon Reid - logistics and cat herder extraordinaire
  • Memphis - Memphians are warm and kind.  The tap water is really good, too.

International Blues Challenge

We play tonight (Wed Jan 27) at King's Palace Cafe at 162 Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee at 8:30 pm.  See www.blues.org for details.

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